Starting with Arduino <-> MySQL Capture

A great starter project to get you into the world of interfacing the arduino and other boards with backend databases and frontend web gui.

There are few connections to be made in this project so it's a great way to dive in and concentrate on the backend and UIX rather than worry about the hardware.

Component List

Remember there are alternatives to the list below but they may act diferently or need tweeking. At the moment I only have available an Elegoo Mega 2560 so you will need to bear that in mind as the libraries are different in particular with the ESP2866. I hope to get more boards soon so I will be able to provide working code for a variety of boards.

  •  Elegoo Mega 2560 (see above re. alternative boards)

  •  DHT22 Sensor (temperature and humidity probe)

  •  Breadboard

  •  ESP2866 Wifi module

  •  ESP-01 Adapter

  •  9V External breadboard powersupply (optional)

If you need help with any of the above projects, please get in touch (details are on the contact page) and I will do my best to lend a hand where I can. Also, if you have any ideas for projects which may be fun, please get in touch and I can perhaps start them up as a new project.

Where applicable, links and credits have been given but if you see anything not credited where it should be, please get in touch and I'll sort it give credit or add a link to the links page.